"Being an entreprenuer, is about four basic drivers: creativity, community, growth and people."

Boyd Smith - Googling Growth

Presendent, TechKnowledgey Inc.

Boyd Smith knew he wanted to raise his kids in Goshen. But he also knew that career opportunities for someone with his technical background and driving ambition were limited. So he decided that, if he was going to stay in Goshen, he would have to create his own opportunities.

The result is TechKnowledgey Inc., a seven-year-old technology firm that caught Google’s attention a few years ago, became a Google apps reseller and hasn’t looked back since. In 2013, he says, the company posted its best year ever.

Unlike a lot of business peers, Smith is a first-generation entrepreneur who funded his business entirely out of personal funds and loans. His timing, he says, was fortuitous, because he hit the ground just as businesses were taking advantage of the “cloud computing” revolution and turning to firms like his for guidance and support.

Being an entrepreneur, he says, is about four basic drivers: creativity, community, growth and people. The trick is to balance those things. Don’t create anything that doesn’t serve people, for example, and don’t grow simply for the sake of growth. Growth should be a product of doing things right, he says, not your sole objective.  

Serving closely held businesses up to about $60 million in revenue, Boyd says TechKnowledgey thrives by balancing those drivers in an effort to help customers reach their full potential, compete in their markets and operate efficiently.

The firm also thrives, he says, because it’s located in an area that supports the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s that spirit that helped the Elkhart County weather the recession and emerge as one of the hottest growth areas in the nation, he says. “In Goshen, there’s a legacy of service and expectation of community service,” Smith says. “I don’t know any professionals here who aren’t givers.”

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