Steve Martin - High-Fidelity, High Purpose

Owner, Ignition Music, Goshen, IN

After 35 years in the corporate world, Steve Martin had achieved a lot of the things that would classify him as a success in most peoples’ minds. But not necessarily in his own.

“There are more measurements of return and quality than the traditional business metrics,” Martin says. “I wanted to do something that brought people joy. It makes for peace of mind.”

So the corporate C-suite escapee opened Ignition Music, a recorded-, broadcast- and live-music venue in a converted auto garage in downtown Goshen. It’s a massive space filled with recordings on vinyl and CD that also happens to double as an acoustically solid performance space when touring musicians come to town. The common denominator, Martin says, is high fidelity and a high-level customer experience.

“It’s a space created specifically for music,” he says, adding that, while Ignition might not be for everyone, it consistently draws people from more than 40 miles away to hear live shows featuring nationally recognized bands and musicians. “It’s a niche, and that’s OK,” he says.

It’s also a key part of what Martin calls the downtown ecosystem, a collaborative and cohesive collection of entrepreneurs that he says has contributed to Goshen’s overall vitality.

“Downtown Goshen has a collaborative spirit,” he says, “and collaboration makes for a stronger community.”

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"I wanted to do something that brought people joy. It makes for a peace of mind."